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Online Database now available to update your personal information

Updated 4/11/2011

This database will be used for team selection, reunion group lists and the prayer vigil so it is vitally important that your information is correct.

Important Note: If you leave the database website and want to return, you MUST close and then re-open your web browser. If you get only a blank white screen, close your browser and re-open.

This is a security feature of the database.


  1. Click here to access the Hi-Sky Emmaus Database.

  2. Click on Register for Site.

  3. Enter your Name, Pilgrim Walk Number, Sex and Email Address and a temporary password will be emailed to you. PLEASE CHECK THE BOX TO ADD YOUR EMAIL TO THE DATABASE so your email address will be current.

    Two people cannot share the same email address because your email address acts as your User Name. If you only have one email address for your family then designate which family member will use the email address and an alternate User Name will be assigned to the others. Once you log in using the alternate User Name, DO NOT change the email address field to your family email address or it changes your User Name.

  4. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS, click on the box “I need assistance” and make sure you provide a phone number and you will be called to provide your password.

  5. Once logged in, there will be several menus to review your personal information and community information. ALL PERSONAL DATA WILL BE HIDDEN UNLESS YOU CHANGE THE DEFAULT SETTING. Only board members and lay directors will have access to your personal data unless you change the default.


      1. YOUR INFORMATION: All of your personal information can be found here. Please verify all information is correct and save any changes.

      2. YOUR OPTIONS: This is where you can change the default to display or hide your personal data. If you select Remain Unlisted, only the administrator will see your info and you will NOT show up on Team Selection reports or receive any notices.

      3. YOUR WEEKEND: Lists your team and pilgrims from your pilgrim walk. We are still in the process of updating team walk experience.

      4. YOUR EXPERIENCE: VERY IMPORTANT! If you have ever worked a walk and it is not correctly listed, please click on “Problem with my experience” and list the corrections.

      5. YOUR REUNION GROUP: Only one person can set up a reunion group and then add the other members. Please discuss with your group who will be responsible for adding your group so there won’t be duplicates created in the database. Please list a meeting location i.e. Address or Lori’s Café, along with the meeting time so new members will know where to find you.

      6. VOLUNTEER INFORMATION: This will be a feature we will add in the future and there are not any positions created at this time. THIS IS NOT FOR TEAM SELECTION.

    2. YOU: CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD: Please change your password as soon as you log in for the first time.

    3. COMMUNITY: Here you will find a listing of board members, upcoming walks, walk histories and prayer vigils.

    4. ONLINE APPLICATION: VERY IMPORTANT! An application is not considered submitted until the walk fees have been paid. You must forward the walk fees to the registrar before your pilgrim will be added to a walk list.

Please encourage your reunion group members, friends and pilgrims to register and update their information as soon as possible so we can get the database current.

There are places within the database to submit questions or notify of errors.