Description: Circle 6 Stained Glass, pic  by Carol HopkinsDescription: Circle 6 Stained Glass, pic  by Carol Hopkins

Serving Midland, Texas and the Surrounding Area

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Hi Sky Emmaus
Reunion Group Information - Women

For updates, please contact Rhett Lively (2302 Storey, Midland, TX 79701; 432-894-9832; email You may print and use the Reunion Group Information Form to update or create a Reunion Group listing.

Anda Con Dios

Thursdays @ 11:30, Meeting Place Varies
Contact Person: Chris Hines 715 Melton Alley 687-6119 hm
Members: Janis Chapman, Linda Kunz, Cathy Roberts, Chris Hines, Ann Gett, Iris Hall-Sanders, Marianne Goodyear,
Sandy Greer, Linda Bailey, Joan Lucas
Updated 3/3/12

Angels in the Schoolyard – Monday 4:45PM @ Heidi Anderson’s Home 4305 Greenbriar Dr.
Contact Person: Ann Driver 699-7702
Members: Heidi Anderson, Ann Driver, Mary Harris, Sharon Horseman, Phillis Mason

Angel Flakes – Tuesday 7:00 AM Crestview Baptist Church
Contact Person: Gail Sneed
Members: Gail Sneed, Mary Hendricks, Kristy Foran, Debbie Clary

Angel Hearts

Monday 12:00 Noon @ Solid Rock Café at First Baptist Church Activities Center
During the summer of 2012, Angel Hearts is Meeting at Crestview Cafe, Thomason and Loop 250
Contact Person: Lee Bell Ulvestad (432) 687-1413
Members: Susan Watson, Lee Bell Ulvestad, Pam Morphew, Sharon Beaver, Sharon Weathers, Vicki Miller,
Gena Wright, Barbara Willis, Jerry Woolard, Dana Mizzles, Terri Anderson
Updated 6/22/12

Angels of Laughter – Tuesday 6:00 pm @ 1st United Methodist Church
Contact Person: Macky Pitts  638-4519
Members: Macky Pitts, Barbara Garlington, Deb Solari, Lydia Toon

By His Means – Monday 11:00 Noon @ Means Memorial Methodist Church Andrews, Texas
Contact Person: Doris Thompson 432-523-2786
Members: Jeneane Anderegg, Carol Beal, Leslie Karol Clark, Belinda Jo Doyle, Sidney Sue Gaston, Sue Rymer Gordon, Chris Grissom, Gloria Grissom, Kiley Hall, Angela Lingnau, Beth Penley, Bette J. Stringfellow, Doris Thompson, Lenn Y. Tucker, Donna R. Wallace, Linda Washington, Lesa Wright, Betty Yarbrough

Chosen Ones – Thursday @ 3:30PM 3605 W. Louisiana or 2610 N. Garfield
Contact Person: Maisie Clisbee 2610 Garfield 682-1825
Members: Maisie Clisbee, Sue Ewing, Maggie Fischer, Nancy Baker, Katie Miller

Closer Walk – Tuesday @ 11:30AM Chevron Bldg. @ Claydesta
Contact Person: Gloria Kennedy 704 Alpine 520-9333
Members: Brenda Corn-Adams, Betsy Evans, Kathy Jackson, Gloria Kennedy, Cynthis Mayes, Iris Hall-Sanders, Linda Ireland, Melanie Huddleston

Cross Bearer – 2nd & 4th Monday each month @11:30 AM @ Wilshire Park Baptist Church
Contact Person: Donna McDow 10100 WCR 154 563-5376 hm. 553-0520 wk.
Members: Phyllis Mason, Alicia Nettle, Donna McDow, Charlotte Frasier, Dana Mizzles

Devoted Daughters

Thursdays @ 5:30pm - 3300 North "A" Street, Bldg. 7, 2nd Floor Conference Room
Contact Person: Kelly Murphy, hm. (325) 370-0229, wk. (432) 687-1866, ext 602 or Kathy Odom, ph. (432) 686-2820
Members: Blanca Gregg, Kay Dodson, Lisa Gillian, Kelly Murphy, Kristi Perkins, Jamie Williams, and Kathy Odom
Updated 4/30/12

E-Jesus –Monday ?
Contact Person: Kelli Baumann 683-2630
Members: Kelli Baumann, Melissa Crooks

Emmausing Gracers – Wednesday 6:30 AM Home
Contact Person: La Nell Honeyman hm – 682-5989 wk – 699-3417
Members: Natalie Eustace, Sharon Heidelberg, LaNell Honeyman, Plyna Nesbitt, Shavon Hankings

Extra-Grace Required - Ladies – Wednesday @ 12:00 Noon @ Tortilla Factory North Main St. Andrews
Contact Person: Kim Roubison 508 NW 11th Andrews 523-6007
Members: Connie Awalt, Delores Cook, Sue Davis, Leslie Blankey, Chris Grissom, Kim Roubison, Tami Land, Terie Grinslade, Dee Southern, Mary Evelyn Jones, Susan Alexander, Katrina Dushane, Vivian Rios, Brenda Lemond, Sherry Chavez

Fourth Days – Wednesday. @ 11:30 AM @ First Baptist Church, Room 110
Contact Person: Martha Bomar 3504 W. Louisiana 694-1396
Members: Judy Bartley, Martha Bomar, Dawna Henry, Jean Parker, Georgia Thomas, Jennifer Colwell, Robin Fontenot, Mary Seay, Mary Beth Stringer

GAME – God And Me Eternally – Thursday 6:30 am @ Johnnie’s Doughnuts – Big Spring St.
Contact Person: Jo Ann Weinkauf 352-5109;
Members: Jan Anderson, Lori Bivens, Debbie Knous, Marlene Leonard, Ann Wells, Jo Ann Weinkauf

GMAC (Greenwood Moms Adore Christ)

Lunch Meetings, call for info.
Contact Person: Annette Childers   (432) 685-0950
Members: Mary Olive, Annette Childers, Karen Rowoldt
Updated 6/26/12

God Knows Our Name – Friday 12:00 Noon @ First Baptist Activities Bldg. in the café
Contact Person: Gayle Jenkins 2809 Shanks 683-8337 or 686-3706
Members: Gayle Jenkins, Jody Hill, Robin Darr, Terre Wade, Della Wallender

God’s Desert Angels – Tuesday @ 4:15PM 803 NW 13th Andrews
Contact Person: Shirley Johnson 523-7350 or Paula Richardson 524-4897
Members: Cleste Berta, Shirley Johnson, Jimmie Kemp, Paula Richardson, Sue Gordon, Kelleye Morgan, Shannon Lambert, Shawna Smart, June Duna

God’s Way Works – Thursday @ 8PM 17001 N. Hollyhock, Gardendale, Tx
Contact Person: Mary Lou Reese 432-362-4158
Members: Mary Lou Reese, Jana Smith

Golden Girls – Monday @ 1:30 PM First Baptist Church
Contact Person: Barbara McIntosh (updated 03-04-09)
Members: Margaret Cowden, Ramona Drickey, Joyce Leach, Jaunice MacDonald, Barbara McIntosh, Marty Yester, Carol Young, Nancy Dakil, Mary Brown

Great Expectations – Monday 5:30PM @ Jumburrito on Wadley
Contact Person: Juanell Potter 4200 Boulder 694-3914
Members: Juanell Potter, Jan McEwin, Bonnie Bevens, Mary Sue Del Llano, Pauline Gwyn, Debbie Horn

Greenwood Girls – Wednesday 4:00 PM @ Greenwood High School
Contact Person: Barbara Willis  664-1161
Members: Bethany Pardue, Ashley Simon, Kayla McLain, Emily Hollums, Katie Muldrow, Debbie Anthony, BranDee Williams, Barbara Willis

Guardian Angels - Wednesday 12:00 Noon @ Sidekicks in Claydesta
Contact Person: Jody Hill 4612 Woodbar Ct. 934-5586 cell; 686-6033 wk.
Members: Jody Hill, Elaine Shock, Carrie Orel, Judy Castille, Emma Wilkes, Charolette Bosecker, Pam Stefanov

Happy Patch – Wednesday 6:00 pm First United Methodist Church (03/27/09)
Contact Person: Cristina Ramos 631-7476 or Mellissa Shuler 528-0366
Members: Cristina Jones, Cristina Ramos, Melissa Harrell, Mellissa Shuler, Michelle Simon, Michele James, Kem Curtin

His Hands and Feet – Wednesday  @ 8:30 am     at Claudea’s  (on Wall St.)
Contact Person: Betty Kitts     cell  -  599-3259
Members: Betty Kitts, Cindy Woolley, Cindy Chilcote, Linda Conger, Donna Fillip

His People

Wednesday @ 11:45 am First Presbyterian Church, Midland
Contact Person: Amy Ciaccio (432) 349-7447
Members: Carolyn Arnold, Pay Awbrey, Debbie Baxter, Linda Bisbee, Val Careless, Amy Ciaccio, Martha Manulik,
Pat Marshall, Amanda Siruta
updated 2/29/12

Holding the LightTima and Place TBA
Contact Person: Cedie Martin 700 McDonald 520-4214 hm.
Members: Vickie Horne, Cedie Martin

Hot Tamales – Monday 12:00 Noon @ Jorge’s Big Spring & Loop
Contact Person: Connie Gill 4512 Cherrywood 520-3470
Members: Connie Gill, JoAnn Nolen, Jeton Hearon, Gay Stewart

Just Between Us

Meeting times vary, contact for info
Contact Person: Marta Hansard 349-0259 wk.
Members:Marta Hansard, Tracie Schumann, Pat Cowan
Updated 6/26/12

Just Us Girls – Monday @ 5:30 PM @ Bailey’s House
Contact Person: Bailey Harris hm 894-0353 wk 688-4873
Members: Bailey Harris, Rhonda Sapp

Mariposa – Monday @ 6:45 AM 1105 Terrace Dr. Andrews
Contact Person: Beth Penley 1105 Terrace Dr., Andrew 355-6690 hm. 523-3640 wk.
Members: Beth Penley, Bette Stringfellow, Donna Wallace

Mingling Pinglings – Monday @ 5:00PM 2502 Goddard
Contact Person: Twana Evers 2502 Goddard 684-4529
Members: Kris Gordon, Lisa Kilborn

Monday Night Angels @ ?
Contact Person: Kim Edwards
Members: Kim Edwards, Whitney Lanier, Cherilyn Aubum, Tammy Payne

NBC – Wednesday 7:0 am @ Lori’s Café (03/27/09)
Contact Person: Elizabeth Carroll
Members: Brenda Nance, Elizabeth Carroll, Kay Brockman

New Beginnings @ Monday 5:15 Sue Solari’s home 3111 Haynes Dr
Contact Person: Sue Solari 699-4759
Members: Sue Solari, Deb Solari, Lynda Christian, Lois Templeton, Sharon Horseman, Carolyn Welton, Mary Anna Brimberry

New Life

Meets at Swenson's (Loop 250 and North 'A' Street) on Thursday at 11:30 AM
Contact Person: Sandra Fussell, ph (432) 684-5030, cell (432) 238-5430
Members: Marty Burns, Sandra Fussell, Mary Lightfoot, Ginger Neff, Linda Ireland
Updated: 01/25/12

No Name Reunion Group – Monday @ 5:00PM Maggie’s Home 3219 W. Shandon
Contact Person: Kerry Kay Cook
Members: Maggie Artley, Kerry Kay Cook, Cleo Oberkampf, Sandy Wylie

Ponderers – ?
Contact Person: ?
Members: Brenda Smith, Tish Deffenbaugh

R.A.C.E. – Thursday 7:00 AM #6 Desta Drive
Contact Person: ?
Members: Saundra Hill, Rita Bradshaw, Paula Yates

Rainbow Skies

Wednesday 12:00 noon
ICA 6th Floor Conf rm Bank Of America Bldg
700 N. Grant
Contact Person: Carol Hopkins or Kay Linn Manly

Members From Midland: Carol Hopkins, Kay Linn Manly, Kathy Hagler, Carol Anderson, Star Harrell
Members From Odessa: Alma Kitchens, Joan Bishop, Debbie Moore, Shawna Farrill, Sharan Ellis, Elaine Dickman,
Nikki Wingate, Beverly Ferguson, Tanya Cooper, Kimberly Treadaway, Lisa Henkell, Monique Esquivel, Rachel Guerrero,
Jacey Harris, Louisa Stewart
Updated 3/28/12

Revived Again!

Thursday @ 4:00 PM Stanton H.S. Library
Contact Person: Wilma Stirl
Members: Sara Blocker, Dyan Hale, Brenda Kendall, Wilma Stirl
Updated 4/25/12

Ruth’s Rainbow’s – Thursday @ 5:30 pm @ HeBrews Coffee Shop
Contact Person: Lois Templeton 684-7619
Members: Linda Bisbee, Virginia Farrow, Sharon Odom, Lois Templeton

S.O.S. – Thursday 12:30 PM Southwest Orthapedics 4303 Andrews Hwy
Contact Person: Celina Craft 520-3020
Members: Diana Herrman, Celina Craft, Janis Chapman

Serendipity– Tuesday 11:45 am @ First Presbyterian Church
Contact Person: Kathy Hagler
Members: Donna Cannon, Kay Brockman, Carol O’Brient, Trisha Wingo, Dixie Billingsley, Judy McFarlin, Marge Frank

Sissy LaLa’s – Tuesday 6:30 pm @ Salon 52 52nd & Tanglewood Odessa
Contact Person: Susan Marts 432-413-3885
Members: Susan Marts, Lindsey Wagner, Debbi Wagner, Lovie Cook, Misty Moore, Charmon Hage

Son-Up – Tuesday @ 6:30 AM @ United Way of Midland 1209 W. Wall Street
Contact Person: Phyllis lewis
Members: Bekie Moorehead, Judy Wooten, Donna Mason, Phyllis Lewis, Vicki Johnson

Spirit Fingers – Saturday @ 9:30 AM @ Jill Dolloff’s home 4304 Harvard   Midland
Contact Person: Gigi Warrick  hm 432-415-7959   wk  432-687-7389
Members: Jill Dolloff, Rhonda Ellis, Gigi Warrick

St. Mary’s Kisses – Thursday @ Noon @ Clay Desta Center Ste. 2555
Contact Person: Shawna Perkins cell 978-8235
Members: Pat Mahan, Shawna Perkins, Nancy Trahum, Mary Villanueva, Pam Smith, Dee Kemp

St. Paul’s Sisters – Tuesday @ 11:45 @ St. Paul United Methodist Church 4501 Thomason Dr
Contact Person: Dereta Harshbarger
Members: Ginger Banks, Dereta Harshbarger, Betty Kitts

The Rocketts – Monday @ 12:30 @ First Christian Church 1301 W. Louisiana
Contact Person: Donna Edney 684-7458
Members: Dorothy Carr, Peggy Davis, Donna Edney, Brenda Morris, Meg Taylor Vick


Monday @12:00 Noon @ First United Methodist Church, Soul Quest Room – 2nd Floor
Contact Person: Barbara Artley Cox Members: Julie Cole, Barbara Cox, Kris Hill, Niki Moshell
Updated 4/25/12

Walk Don't Run

Tuesday, 7pm at First United Methodist Church Library (except Community Meeting weeks)
Contact Person: Stacie Campbell ph(432) 230-9889
Members:Stacie Campbell, April Horton, Donna Fillip, Dani Pool, Kristi Eisenburg, Rhonda Mariott, Erra Bachman, Debby Coco, Amy Adams, Cecilia Acuff
Updated 3/18/12

Walking With Jesus – Thursday @ 12:30 Meeting place TBD weekly
Contact Person: Tish Deffenbaugh 2829 Auburn 520-2468
Members: Brenda Smith, Tish Deffenbaugh

We are Family – Alternating Monday and Friday Nights at 7:00 pm  Alternate homes, please call
Contact Person: Kelli Baumann
Members: Kelli Baumann, Amy Ciaccio, Joanne Legendre, Dorsey Legendre

W.I.L.D. Women (Walking in the Lord’s Direction)

Monday @ 11:30 am  Bank of America Bldg 14th Floor Conf Rm
Contact Person: DeDe Willis hm 697-2021 wk 689-5235
Members: DeDe Willis, Karen Ingle
Updated 6/22/12

Wisdom Seekers
– Monday @ 4:15 Andrews County Library Andrews
Contact Person: Jane Noble P. O. Box 1828 Andrews 523-2823
Members: Jane Noble, Connie O’Neal, Nancy Weissheit

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