Description: Circle 6 Stained Glass, pic  by Carol HopkinsDescription: Circle 6 Stained Glass, pic  by Carol Hopkins

Serving Midland, Texas and the Surrounding Area

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Hi Sky Emmaus
Reunion Group Information - Men

For updates, please contact Rhett Lively (2302 Storey, Midland, Texas 79701, 894-9832; email You may print and use this Reunion Group Information Form to update or create a Reunion Group listing. Submit it to Rhett.

Agape Serape Tuesday @ 11:30 AM Prescott's Cafe West Hwy 80
Contact Person: Bill Kirk 4027 Angelina Midland, TX 79707 682-1073 682-1073
Members: Steve Carroll, Homer Daniels, Ronny Jordan, Bill Kirk, Mike Lewis, Chuck Reeves

Apprentice Carpenters (6/00) Monday @ 6:00 PM First Christian Church Library, 1301 W.Louisiana
Contact Person: Kenneth Evers 2502 Goddard Midland,TX 79705 684-4529
Members: Ken Evers, Floyd Miller, Frank Singleton, Del Windel

Aquila Wednesday @ 6:30 AM IHOP, 2973 John Ben Sheppard Pkwy Odessa, Texas
Contact Person: Eric McDonald 2300 Roys Lane Andrews, TX 79714 524-6417 524-2456wk
Members: Eric McDonald, Paul Renaud, Kevin Armstrong, Clarence Percy

Band of Brothers Saturday @ 7:00 AM Crestview Baptist Church Rm 137
Contact Person: Sean Roye hm 694-3274 wk 687-7694
Members: Sean Roye, Jerry Richardson, Dale Sierman, Mark LaCroix

Brown Bag Thursday @ 12:00 Noon 1st United Methodist Church Room 226
Contact Person: Larry McIntosh
Members: Oley Hedrick, Larry McIntosh, George Moore, Lon H. Pardue, Camil Dakil

Building on the Rock Tuesday @ 7:00 PM (except community night) Country Chapel HWY 191 at HWY 1788
Contact Person: Sam Bright 563-5220 (wk) 557-7427
Members: Sam Bright, Jerry Hollums, Sam Radford, Jim Sparr, Larry Cross, Jeff Daniels

Carpenters For Christ Thursday @ 6:30 AM Lori's Cafe
Contact Person:
Members: Guy McKenzie, Ed Hall, Jim Sparr, Robert Anderson, John Barnett, Mike Thompson, Larry Tomlinson, Karl Brewer

C.I.C.O.US Thursday @ 11:30 AM Greater Ideal Family Life Center 301 S Tyler St
Contact Person: Clayton Alexander 5011 Candletree Cove Midland 79705 682-9494 682-8820
Members: Clayton Alexander, Randy Hutton, Glen Schulthies, Fred Coonce, Rudi Woerndle, Don Lombombard, Ron Brewer

C.W.W.T.(Closer Walk With Thee) Thursday @ 7:30 PM Alternating Residences Call First
Contact Person: Jess C. Aguilar, Sr./Paul Mainka 1128 Crescent Dr Andrews, TX 79714 523-6369 335-3503
Members: Jesse Aguliar, Sr., Gary Gatlin, Paul Mainka, Jr.(Ph #523-5009), David O'Dell, Bill Sherrill

Christ’s Renewable Energy Guys (CREG)

Thursday @ 11:30AM till 1pm - Crestview Cafe - Crestview Baptist Church
Thomason and Loop 250
Contact Person: Patrick Mayers,
Members: Paul Andrews, Greg Box, Chili Cole, J.C. Cornett, Casey Hayes, Russ Lloyd, Patrick Mayers, Roy Sanders, Chris Pepper

Updated June 4, 2012

Christian Brothers Monday @ 6:30 AM Denny's Wall & Midkiff St
Contact Person: Craig Nolen 1001 SCR 1060 Midland, TX 79706 685-0868 570-1175
Members: Brian Cooper, Anthony Noll, Craig Nolen

Christian Cowboys (4/00) 1st,2nd,3rd Tuesday @ 6:00pm Schlotsky's, Andrews Hwy, Midland
Contact Person: Terry Luck 432-230-2431 (cell)
Members: Willie Embrey, Chuck Wood, Butch Uselton, Terry Luck, Jack Harvey, Trey Harvey, Roy Bolen, Ron Stanley, Andy Bloomers

Daybreak Servants 6:30 AM Friday 1st Presbyterian Church, Midland
Contact Person: ?
Members: Percy Symonette, Robert Winkler, Jim Alsup, Dan Foreman

DBA – Doing Business for the Almighty (7/00) Monday @ 7:00 am 4107 W. Illinois (Mansfield Chiropractic)
Contact Person: Dale Mansfield 4107 W. Illinois Midland, TX 79703 687-5639 697-1643wk
Members: John Bumbers, James Albright, Don Mc Ginnis, Jim Blair, A. J. Weatherl, Dale Mansfield, Lon Pardue, Mike Pardue, Howard Varley

Driven Nails Tuesday @ 6:30 pm 4000 W. Illinois #240
Contact Person: Steven Weston 697-2031
Members: Steven Weston, Ford Rhodes

Eagles Monday @ 12:00 PM Arnold Hancock Office - 3300 N. A St. Bldg.1 Suite 106
Contact Person: Ken Arnold
Members: Calvin Hancock, Ken Arnold, Kery Mansour, Harry Tate, Raymond Painter, Mickey Wilson, Damon Shupp, Bob Templeton, Geary Adair, Larry Armstrong, Bruce Wallach, Jerry Vorhees, Tom Word, Paul Guerrero

Earlybirds Tuesday @ 6:30 AM Lori's Café - corner of Wall and Garfield
Contact Person: Sonny Self 2204 Bedford 349-0051 (cell)
Members: Sonny Self, Larry Carroll, Clayton Hooper, Phil Sheldon


Monday Evening 7:00 pm Taco Villa (Midland Dr. & Andrews Hwy)
Contact Person: David Sapp hm 425-8533 wk 688-8911
Members: David Sapp, David Martin, Brad Morin, Matt Light, Jay Doss, John Marc Mason
Updated 3/28/12

ForeHim Sunday @ 8:00 AM FBC Andrews, Tx 201 NE 1st Street
Contact Person: Farrell Gray 5 Morningside Dr 524-6936
Members: Dale Kelton, Lynn Fisher, Farrell Gray, Mark Lambert, Jay Hyer, John McLeod, Lloyd Eisenrich, Reo Brownlee, Doug Kello

F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely On God) Wednesday @ Noon Carambas Spanish Inn – Midland
Contact Person: Ron Hopkins
Members: David Burns, Jerry Fussell, Evan Etheredge, Ron Hopkins, Fred Schwiening, Kerry Mansour

Good News Guys Wednesday @ 12:00 Noon Parkhill, Smith & Cooper 5214 Thomason Dr. 10/24/99
Contact Person: Kyle Womack (fax # 697-9758) EMAIL @ team-TSC.Com Midland,TX 79707 697-5135 697-1447
Members: Don Bomar, Deane Durham, Jody Sneed, Bob Templeton, Kyle Womack, David Watkins, Lamont Furlow, Rory Payne, Forrest Bollinger, Ron Larson, David Burns

Good Shepards Monday @ 12:00 Noon Lone Star Abstract 600 North Loraine
Contact Person: Mike Nance 2816 W. Dengar Midland,TX 79705 684-9909 685-1977
Members: Jeff Atwell, Larry Bell, Matthew Bell, Randy Bruno, Joe Campbell, Ken Dickeson, Hal Gill, Hill Glover, Dan Kerr, Bill Kirk, Dave Kvasnicka, Jim Mauldin, Jim Morris, Mike Nance, Randy Prude, Jim Rasnick, Jack Rathbone, Jim Reynolds, Dan Rush, Bill Sandlin, Larry Stapp, Gregg Ulvestad, Ron Warren, Doc Weathers, Roger Willis (OUT OF TOWN MEMBERS) Duncan Chisolm, Terry Hancock, Tommy Hawkins, Kendall Holt, Ronnie Nutt, Rick Phillips, Dan Linebarger

Hearts on a Sleeve Thursday @ 12:30 PM 910 N.W. 10th St-Andrews
Contact Person: Greg Birdsall 910 N.W. 10th St. Andrews, TX 79714 524-6821 524-1150
Members: Greg Birdsall, Todd Cook, Joe Harper, Berry Johnson, Rick Parnell, Joe Plemons, Cliff Watlington, Kim Gray

Highway To Heaven Monday @ 12:30 PM Mansfield Chiro. Clinic 4107 W.Illinois
Contact Person: Dale Mansfield Midland,TX 79703 687-5639 682-2527
Members: Dale Mansfield, Wesley Van

Iraan Reunion Group Wednesday @ 8:30 PM Members' Homes
Contact Person: Jerry Hatfield P.O.Box 683 Iraan,TX 79744 639-2055 639-3264
Members: Dr.Jim Bacon, Dwight Brodeck, Cecil Gentry, Tim Harris, Jerry Hatfield, Terry Saegesser, Chip Wood


Tuesday @ 7:00PM at either Texas Burger 500 W Wadley or Michael's Charcoal Grill at "A" Street and Wadley
Call for location
Contact Person: Martin Ramirez (432) 218-8232
Members: Martin Ramirez, Bob Fillip, Eddie Warriner, Ray Tercero, Howard Varley, James Schwab
Updated 3/28/12

Kermit Men
1st Wednesday @ 5:30 PM Monthly at Northside Baptist Church in Kermit
Contact Person: Trey Turner 904 E. Tascosa Kermit, Texas 915-586-5095 (wk) 915-586-3542
Members: Trey Turner, James Cotton, Adrain Maggard, Danny Jones, David Golden, Eddie Cotton

Key to the Kingdom (6/00) Wednesday @ 8:30 pm Members homes, please call
Contact Person: Gerry Tucker
Members: Rob Bridwell, Larry Fleming, Kim Grey, Jerry Jones, Rod Noble, Curtiss Northcutt, Ivy Shelton, Stanley Shumaker, Tommy Thatcher, Gerry Tucker, Corey Wilson

Wednesday @ 6:45 AM IHOP Loop 250
Contact Person: Harry Tate 4964 Rustic Trail Midland, Tx 79707 (hm) 694-2555 (wk) 685-5779
Members: Bob Cole, Harry Tate, Sonny Etheredge, Stephen Bamford, Hal Semple

Men Of Assisi Saturday @ 8:00 AM Christian Church Of Midland 2608 Neely
Contact Person: Kenny Stull 1401 Godfrey Midland,TX 79703 699-5216 684-0748
Members: Lee Graham, Rick Green, John Keffler, R.B. Kennedy, Kenny Stull

Men Of GRACE Wednesday @ 6:30 PM Grace Prespyterian Church - Parlor
Contact Person: Barry Babcock 2407 Shell 570-531
Members: Barry Babcock, Bud Dole, Barry Welton, Rodney Morgan, Bob Templeton, Elmer Brimberry, Josh Posey

Men of Hebrews 11 Tuesday @ 12:15 Michael’s Charcoal Grill, 4317 W. Illinois, Midland
Contact Person: Ron Jenkins 2809 Shanks Midland, TX 79705 683-8837hm 560-4257wk
Members: David Epperson, Ron Jenkins, Steve Merrill, David Burns, Carroll Nall, Dennis Morris

Mess ‘O Fish   Thursday @ noon  Various Locations (please call)
Contact Person: Carroll Nall   682-9725
Members: Roger Johnston, Carroll Nall, Mickey Wilson, Dave Kvasnicka, Ken Arnold

No Name Reunion Group Wednesday @ 6:30 pm First United Methodist Church in the Basement
Contact Person: Brooks Jones
Members: Key Simon, Jay Gage, Robert Harrell, Douglas Jenkins-Baker, Bruce Wallach, Brooks Jones, Mike Blair, Brent Shuler, Colin Wilson, Daniel Taler, Tracy Coutin

Out Laws For Christ   Tuesday evening @ 7 pm   Michael’s Charcoal Grill  (Illinois & Midland Dr.)
Contact Person: Randy Scannell     432-425-3468
Members: Randy Scannell, Conrad Coleman, Bill White, Carroll Andes

Out To Lunch Bunch Wednesday @ noon First Baptist Church Activities Bldg
Contact Person: Don Pond 2201 Northrup 79705 553-3255
Members: Jeff Gordon, Don Pond, Damon Underwood, Kevin Sparks, Toby Box, Rick Hearon, Ramon Leyva, Jim Sparr

P.L.U.G.S. Tuesday @ 12:00 Noon 1st United Methodist Church Room 226
Contact Person: John Lowe 3300 W. Michigan 694-0953
Members: Bob Angevine, Carty Beal, Don Cannon, Joe Fitzgerald, Gregg Groves, Les Honeyman, Jake Kemper,John Lowe, Jack Reed, Bobby Sanders, Franks Stowers, Jack Wyrick

Pass It On Tuesday @ 12:00 Noon First United Methodist Church Power & Light Room
Contact Person: Jerry Weant 6919 Sunrise Ct. Midland,TX 79707 699-7729 699-4916
Members: Tim Culp, David Pitts, John Rech, Ed Runyan, Jerry Weant, Gary R. Willis, George Patton, Mark Semmelbeck, Jim Gerety


Thursdays @ 12:00 Noon St Luke’s United Methodist Church Rm 100
Contact Person: Cliff Frank - (432) 218-9207
Members: Cliff Frank, Allen Matheson, Jimmy Stallings, Sterling Talley, Bob Angevine, Rev. Larry Bailey, Scott Hickman, Bill Stewart, Harland Narem, Jim McClatchy, Joe Roome, Clarence Young, Jeff Yarborough, Joel Stahmer
Updated 4/8/12

Prayin' Pilgrims Thursday @ 8:00 AM First Baptist Church
Contact Person: Larry Crumpton 262-5286
Members: Emmet Adamson, Charlie Byrd, Reagan White

Promise Keepers Friday @ 12:00 Noon Prescott's Cafe
Contact Person: Lance Friday 699-1179
Members: Lance Friday, John Rogers

Rainbow Warriors Tuesday @ 12:00 Noon 700 NW 11th Andrews, Tx
Contact Person: Bryan Berta PO Box 1274 Andrews,TX 79714 524-4593 523-2023
Members: Bryan Berta, Richard Dolgener, Leland Hamilton, Sam Jones, Scott Wallace, Kevin Armstrong, Charles Troxell, Glen Schulthies

Revitalizers (7/00) - Monday @ 7:00 am HeBrews on Illinois, Midland
Contact Person: Berry Simpson 689-0646 hm
Members: Gene Abel, Joe Don Hancock, Berry Simpson, Carroll Thomas, Ken Ross, Chuck Wallace, Spencer Blocker

Rising Sons, The - Monday @ 7:00 AM Cornerstone Christian Fellowship 1610 W. Wall
Contact Person: Joe Fussell 3529 Hyde Park Avenue Midland, TX 79707 520-3866
Members: Joe Fussell, Mike Tompson, Larry Tomlinson, Tommy Cranford

Rough Edges – Monday – Friday @ 6:45 AM   Green’s Resturant
Contact Person:
Todd Cooper  432-978-6604
Members: Todd Cooper, Jack Harvey, Jim Dery, Chuck Conger, Chuck Clark, Scooter Williams, Michael Irwin, Archie, Tortneberry, Ed Freeze

Sabbath Sonrise
- Wednesday Evening Rotating Homes or Church Call First
Contact Person: Wes Reeves 4817 Timber Lane Midland,TX 79707 697-3913 686-6029
Members: Joe Fitzgerald, Wes Reeves

Second Samuel Nine Thursday@ 11:30 AM Greater Ideal Family Life Center 301 S Tyler St
Contact Person: Robert Winkler -
Members: Robert Winkler, Scott Lovett, Rick Priest, Michael Swanson, David Pearcy

Second Touch Tuesday @ 6:30 AM United Way Office Corner of Wall St. & G St.
Contact Person: Fred Schwiening 682-9500
Members: Fred Schwiening, David Moorehead, Steve Daniels, Jerry Mason, Gregg Hammon, Ron Oden, Charlie Newsom, Rex Mason, Kenny Miller, Richard Cotte, Mike Riedel, Steve Olive

Slims Reunion Group (3/00) Monday @ 6:30 AM Call for current location
Contact Person: Jerry Fussell 5006 Bluebird Branch Crt, Midland, TX 79705 684-5030
Members: Don Bizzell, Steven Bizzell, J.D. Crawford, Jerry Fussell, Dave Hooper, Jerry Jobe, Dave LeFevre, Steven Stone, Dean Truett

SMA Fire Friday Call for time Laurie’s Cafe
Contact Person: Jim Martin 1707 Normandy Midland, Tx hm 682-3396 wk 498-5116
Members: Jim Martin, Lanny Opheim, Jerry Ellis, Randy Rouse

Soldiers of the Cross Thursday 8:00 pm Lori’s Café Corner of Wall and Garfield Midland, Tx
Contact Person: Tim Harris 3300 Stewart Ave hm 689-7578 wk 559-3785
Members: Tim Harris, Dusty Roach, Don Driver, Joe Willis, Jimmy Smith Oscar Garcia

Solid Rock Reunion Saturday @ 8:00 am Good News Fellowship 400 NW Ave G, Andrews 10/24/99
Contact Person: Steve Bailey 903 NW 13th St Andrews, TX 79714 915/524-7701 915/385-3138wk
Members: Rex Alexander, Steve Bailey, David King, Terry McBeth

Sonshine Boys - Wednesday Noon Activity Bldg. Solid Rock Café-First Baptist Church Midland
Contact Person: Gene Spires 2007 W. Ohio Midland, Texas 79701 (hm) 682-8401 (wk) 684-8201
Members: Gene Spires, Hank Henry, Don Bomar

Sowers (4/00) - Thursday @ 7:00 AM Jojo’s Restaurant, Texas Street Downtown Midland
Contact Person: Jimmy Smith 1004 Upland St Midland, TX 79703 699-1708 684-8822wk
Members: Rusty Hill, Jimmy Smith, Kevin Yates, W. A. Baker, Al Bohling, Don LaBombard

Spark Plugs - Tuesday @ 6:30 PM Our Saviour Lutheran Church 3309 Neely Street
Contact Person: Coy Marlar 5109 Belaire Dr. Midland, TX 79703 689-9621 567-3602
Members: Jim Dammann, Sonny Etheredge, Todd Freese, Coy Marlar, Frank Stapp, Robert Walter, Keith Weiser

TJC (Till Jesus Comes) - Monday 7:30 am Lori’s Resturant
Contact Person: Curtis Green 4205 WCR 118 559-8997
Members: Curtis Green, Richard Friday, Daniel Hamres, Billy Friday

The A-Men Saturday 7:30 AM Denny’s
Contact Person: Matt Crooks 2601 Culver Drive, Midland, Texas 79705 552-1151 (wk) 687-1777
Members: Chan Price, Kemin Gohr, Matt Crooks

The Forcesome Thursday Noon Various Restuarants (please call)
Contact Person: Gerald Nobles 685-5304
Members: Mike Conaway, Tommy Stringer, Gerald Nobles, Mike Mayer

Til We Meet Again Due to work Schedules w/contact Kountry Pizza 10707 FM 307
Contact Person: Jerry Franks 1907 SCR 1121 Midland,TX 79706 687-5502 686-7180
Members: Terry Childers, Jerry Franks, Rickey Maddox, David Moorehead, Dale Sumrall, Jim Taylor

True North Monday 11:30 am Mr. Gatti’s
Contact Person: Jim Blair 699-0801
Members: Bob Beck, Jim Blair, Fred Schwiening

Uno Jesus Reunion Group   Wednesday @ 9:00  pm   Ground Floor Coffee Shoppe
Contact Person: Andrew Leonhard  hm 432-262-6771  wk  432-634-0695
Members: Jason Masoner, Andrew Leonhard, Justin Stephenson, D. J. Rambo, Damon Darnell, Alan Barkley, Franco Leggs, Colby Givhan

Wednesday Noon Monday @ 12:00 Noon Wall Towers East, Suite 801   Dobachi Resources
Contact Person: David Mims - hm – 685-0837 wk – 694-2595 ext 116
Members: Dean Jarrett, David Hurta, Mike LeMond, David Mims, Roger Traxel, Bill Black, Michael Shelton, Roy Nelson

Yee Haw Reunion Group Thursday @ 11:30 AM Harvest Café 2101 West Wadley Midland, Tx
Contact Person: Dean Cook 967-0455
Members: Chad Andes, Jeremy Smith, Kevin Grooms, Dean Cook, Gary Gibson, Greg Bryant, Clarence Tatum, Chuck Wallace, Todd Andes

Yo-Yo Monday @ 5:30 PM Richard Davis Law Firm 3300 N. Ave A-Bldg # 105
Contact Person: Richard Davis or John Neil 3300 N. Ave A #105 Midland,TX 79705 699-0821 684-3713
Members: Richard Davis, Alan Means, John Neil

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