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Community Meetings:
Fourth Tuesday of the Month:
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2012 Dates
Sep 25
Oct 23 | Dec 4

First Presbyterian Church, Lynn Hall
800 W Texas, Midland, TX
7:00 pm - Community Gathering
6:15 pm - Babe Chick Meeting (Rm 140)

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Men's Walk #205

September 20-23, 2012

Circle 6 Ranch, Stanton, TX

Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said:"Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me." Mark 8:34 (NIV)

Lay Director: Patrick Mayers
Spiritual Director: Dean Cook

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Team Calendar
  • Chili Cole
  • Scott Aycock
  • Dan Nicholas
  • Beto Diaz
  • Leland Hart
  • Jason Hicks
  • Russ Lloyd
  • Gregg Ulvestad
  • Roy Sanders
  • Patrick Mayers
  • Mike McNeely
  • Dean Cook
  • Carl Raymond
  • J. C. Cornett
  • Roger Traxel
  • Donald Armstrong
  • R. Ashley Coco
  • Casey Hayes
  • Chris Pepper
  • Armando Sanchez
  • Steve Mizzles
  • Mike "Big Kahuna" Nelson
  • Terry Clutter
  • Chuck Conger
  • Kenny Harper
  • Steve Chilcoat
  • Paul Andrews
  • Steve Mohr
  • Seth Streun
  • Gery Adair


Note: Pilgrims for this walk are listed in order in which they were received.
    Paul Urias
  1. Wayne Liles
  2. Tony Salazar
  3. Dusty McCollum
  4. Scott Davis
  5. Sam Lichenstein
  6. Scott Benedict
  7. Robbie Walker
  8. Ron Mitchell
  9. Johnny Bragg
  10. Thurman Johnson
  11. Eddie Hall
  12. John Yusko

  13. Danny Hyatt
  14. Harold Potter
  15. Michael Baker
  16. Ron Finnell
  17. Chris Johnson
  18. Buck Porter
  19. John Gould
  20. Dan Keets
  21. Anthony Waters
  22. Pat Kuebler
  23. Buck Vincent
  24. Roman Velarde
  25. Robert Strickland
  26. Billy Andrews
  27. Dwight Bables
  28. Jay Panuska
  29. Ronald Goodman
  30. Ronnie Smith
  31. Mike Partusch
  32. Wes Adkins
  33. Charles Biffle
  34. Eric Santiago
  35. Art Garcia

  36. Shane Cook
  37. Joe Fly

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