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Agape Requests

Committees: 2011
Updated 1/31/11

Gatherings Committee: Co-Chairs – Debbie Baxter and Linda Bisbee
Emalee Blau, Charlotte Bosecker, Val Careless, Tammy Harvey, Kay Linn, Dani Pool, GiGi Warwick

  1. Arrange for communion elements/chalice/plate for Community meetings (SonUp Reunion Group - Donna Mason - currently provides)
  2. Arrange with church child care for community meetings
  3. Arrange for refreshments for fellowship after community meeting
  4. Assist with set-up and clean-up of refreshments for community meetings
  5. Handles leftover Agape - Donna Fillip

Trailer/Supplies Committee: Chair – Jerry Knous

  1. Keep supplies stocked
  2. Attend trailer loading before Walks
  3. Get trailer to Walks
  4. Report to Board

Facilities Committee: Chair – Gregg Ulvestad
Members: tba

  1. Candlelight set-up / collection of luminaries
  2. Arrange for someone to help set tables for fellowship after Community Meeting
  3. Arrange for cleanup after Community Meeting
  4. Facilities Coordinator (Church, Circle 6)
  5. Report to Board
  6. Golf carts to each Walk

Team Selection Committee: Chair – Mary Harris
Ann Driver, Barry Horseman, Jimmy Smith, Pat Awbrey, Danny Bisbee, Tammy Harvey, Howard Varley, Steve Olive, Sandra Fussel


  1. Team Selection for Walks and Flights Report to Board
  2. The following documents are available for download in PDF format: Team Selection Guidelines | Team Selection Policies

Music/Entertainment Committee: Chair – Eli Kuhlman
Members: tba

  1. Contact LD to serve as resource for music for Candlelight Dinner and/or Candlelight Service
  2. Contact Music Team of most recent walk to be sure they are prepared to play the Community Meeting. If no walk has taken place in prior month, put together a music team for Community.
  3. Help to compile and maintain an informal list of available musicians and vocalists for music teams.
  4. Wednesday night prior to each Walk, set up music equipment in conference room and chapel AND be there at closing to take down and store music equipment at end of each Walk.
  5. Help musicians to set up equipment and tear it down for Community Meetings.
  6. Inventory and upkeep of musical equipment for Community.

Nominating Committee: Chair – Assistant Community Lay Director (Mary Harris)
Members: Heidi Anderson, Jerry Knous, Bill Thomas

  1. Collect nominations for new Board Members and Lay Directors and verify qualifications
  2. Bring final candidates to board for approval and prepare ballot for community votes. This should be done for September community meeting
  3. Make sure all votes get to Spiritual Director to count.
  4. Contact newly elected members and those not elected
  5. Take nominations for Election of Board Officers Report to Board

Administrative Committee: Chair – Last Year’s Community Lay Director (Martha Manulik)
Members: Sandra Fussell and Bill Thomas
As an advisor for help on how things have been done, what has worked best in the past, by-law issues, consulting and all-around help with Emmaus Community issues.

  1. Database information – Peg Geer
  2. Prayer Vigil – Dani Pool
  3. Newsletter – Martha Manulik
  4. Book Table – Larry Bailey and Shelley Kuhlmann
  5. Talk files – Jimmy Smith (now available electronically)
  6. Registrar for Walks & Chrysalises – Peg Geer
  7. Reunion Groups – Sonny Self

Training Committee: Chairs – Alan Barkley and Amy Ciaccio

  1. Coordinate training topics for Community Meetings if requested by board. (hopefully, at least a couple of times a year)
  2. Coordinate training for teams. Team training is done the first team meeting of each Walk. Three to four Board members are needed for each team training session.
  3. Prepare manuals and conduct new Lay Director training two times per year.
  4. Prepare large Board Member notebooks for incoming board members.
  5. Issue Sustaining the Spirit books to the Walk board reps to hand out at team meetings.
  6. Liaison with registrar to manage and upkeep database. Training to community on sponsorship.

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